Are You Taking These 3 Simple Steps In Cleansing Your Body?

The Process Of Gently Cleansing Your Body

If you are reading this you are aware of how important it is to keep your body running smoothly. You more than likely have looked at various options to help detox your body. Many of these are expensive, intensive, or just don’t work. However, there is a natural way to help cleanse your body that is simple and inexpensive. Following are the simple steps to get started.

Add Greens To Your Life

One of the easiest processes to cleansing your body is adding a steady supply of greens to your diet. These greens have the ability to strengthen your immune system and alkalize the body. For example, chlorella has the ability to do so much more than just a head of lettuce or broccoli. Chlorella is not found in the produce section as it is a single-cell freshwater algae. This green has been shown to not only have anti-cancer properties, but the ability to alleviate metal toxicity.

The chlorella available here is certified non-GMO and raw. Independent testing has shown it to be free of contamination. Our brand is also one of the strongest strains of chlorella, Chlorella pyreneidosa, which offers vitamin A chlorophyll, zinc, and iron.

Obviously, it is impossible to live off of fresh water algae, so we need to add more greens. This is where the more traditional greens come into the picture like, wheatgrass. This green has been shown to offer up an effective treatment for ulcerative colitis. Going back to the deep sea, there are forms of kelp which protect the liver from carcinogen exposure.

If you are looking for the ultimate in green superfoods, look no further than our Sun is Shining. This formula is loaded with sea vegetables, land grasses, enzymes, and probiotics. This is one of the best formulas available to fully cleanse and alkalize your body.

Still Love Heavy Metal?

Our definition and your definition of heavy metal may be different. Our heavy metal is one you should not love and need to remove. Chlorella is one of the best bets to detox heavy metals from your system. You may also look into zeolites, which have the ability to trap toxins and flush them out of your body.

One of the purest forms of zeolites on the market right now is our Super-Z-Lite Liquid Zeolites. These are made with the smallest zeolites available and infused with ionic trace minerals, humic, and fulvic acids. This helps to create an extremely powerful formula to cleanse and restore.

Treat Your Liver Well

The liver is consistently abused in the body, yet it is the most powerful in helping to cleanse the body. The better you can take care of it, the better it will take care of you. One method that has lasted for generations is the use of milk thistle for a healthy liver. The medical community finally caught on to what so many families already knew and promote milk thistle as well. That is why you will see that milk thistle is the powerhouse ingredient of our Liver Rescue 4+.

This incredible formula has been infused with dandelion root extract to provide the best relief and treatment of liver disease.