The Magical Bowl Of Soup Good For Everyhing

There’s nothing gives you more comfort than a bowl of pho. This traditional Vietnamese breakfast is an ideal meal whether you want a kick start for your immune system or a soothing refresher when you are down. Vietnamese cuisine is regarded as one of the healthiest in the world. They put great emphasize on the balance of yin and yang to create food beneficial to the body. The broth of pho is rich and aromatic, and in it are hearty vegetables and beef, topped with fresh and fragrant ingredients. This Detox Pho is a perfect example of a well-balanced dish that tastes delicious and good for you as well.


Begin With A Really Good Broth

As you may have already known, bone broth is the novel coffee. Bone broth provides health benefits for your whole body. It improves your immune and digestive systems, and strengthen your bones, teeth, joints, nails and hair.

Broth is the most valuable element in pho and success and failure of pho depends on the broth. There are two different types of soup; chicken based broth called pho ga, and beef based broth called pho bo. Our favourite is rich and rustic homemade soup stock from beef bone. If you are too busy to make your own broth, donít worry. If you add ginger, garlic, fish sauce and spices, even the plain taste commercial broth can be reborn as a delicious broth.

Add Your Favorite Health-boosting Ingredients

Our Detox Pho includes thinly sliced beef for an extra protein blow, mushrooms for antioxidant, and popular super food green leafy kale. If you donít like mushrooms, you can try carrots or broccoli. You can substitute kale with collards or swiss chard. If you are on grain free diet, remove the noodles and replace with mung bean sprouts. You can toss in some bok choy, tofu or cabbage as you please.
Add Complex Favors And Textures With Toppings

What makes pho so special is how it combines the warm and savory broth with cool and colourful toppings. If you love crunchy texture, you can add thinly sliced carrots or bean sprouts. For additional freshness, you can add mint, basil and cilantro. We like adding some hot and spicy punch with sliced chili and green or red onion. Finish it off with a squeeze of lime for a refreshing touch.