The Quantum Vision System: My Experience

Day 1:

The program was not as short as I expected it to be. Since my right eye has a lot of farsighted blurriness, I started with the exercise for astigmatism. Even though the program projected about thirty minutes of exercising, it took me almost a full hour. I chalk it up to not knowing what I was doing and having to recheck everything. Either way, the video really helped me with the exercises. The book itself wasn’t very long ñ only about sixty-three pages. Some of us to say I will be relying more on the exercises than the book.

Day 2:

Today was all about the myopia exercises to help with my nearsightedness. After doing it, I think it will behoove me to switch between the myopia and astigmatism exercises every day. If I’m being totally honest, I couldn’t finish every exercise because I don’t have much time. I did, however, make it about 75% of the way through. Right now I can’t tell if they help my vision, but it is making my eyes work a lot. It’s not straining them, but there is a lot of effort.

Day 3:

I managed to complete the entire program today. One of the exercises gave me eyestrain. Specifically the exercise where I had to look left and down. This will be a good place to focus on in the future.

Day 4:

Today I did everything except for the therapy at the end. I didn’t have time to do that. However, I spent more time working on the exercises that are causing me eyestrain.

Day 5:

I completed the entire thing today! I focused on going back and doing every exercise that was straining the eyes. After forgetting to look at my results yesterday, I made sure to do it today. I am definitely seeing some improvement. I was surprised that I could see the line right above another one that was completely blind to me before. It wasn’t perfect, but it was still a lot of progress.

Day 6:

Since I am starting a new week here, I made sure to go back and look at my eye levels before I started doing exercises. To my surprise, I couldn’t see that line anymore. Is it because I took a few days off? I’ll have to try again tomorrow to see if that was a factor.

Day 7: I went through everything today. Afterward, I tested my eyesight and could see the line again. It’s probably safe to say that it is a result of me taking a break over the weekend.

Day 8:

Initially I only wanted to record this journal for seven days. My reasoning was that if I didn’t see any marked improvement after seven days, then the program wasn’t helping. I decided to do a journal today because I was alternating between the exercises. I ended up doing a total of four exercises today. After I completed them, I went and checked my eyesight. Not only could I see the line again, but it was a lot clearer! I think this program may actually be helping. I already have pretty good eyesight, so this is huge for me.

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