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Top Foods To Detoxify The Body

There are numerous benefits of detoxifying your body. After you spend a weekend of indulging in eating unhealthy food and drinking, detoxifying will help you to bounce back. As a matter of fact, making a clear sweep of toxins regularly helps to get rid of damaging substances which gradually pile up in the blood, and as a result, create chaos in your body.

Overburdened toxins can cause health hazard from miner issues such as acne and bad breath, to life-threatening serious conditions such as cancer and depression. Even if you eat organic, healthy, whole foods, there still is some chance that harmful chemicals penetrate into the body; everything from polluted air to metal-containing deodorants, there are ways that you are exposed to potentially harmful substances which potentially cause damage to your health.

Even some foods generally considered to be healthy, may not be so, as Mike Adams claimed when he appeared on The Dr. Oz Show. For instance, he claimed that some rice protein powders, especially the ones imported from Asia, contain high levels of cadmium, lead and tungsten. Adams mentioned his concern comes from the reality that many people are exposed to all kinds of toxins in everyday life, and as they build up over time, it can cause negative impact for our health.

Talking about tungsten and lead, Dr. Oz commented that “Metals can do various things, they are good for us, however, they shouldnít be in our foods.”

Best Foods To Help Detoxify The Body

In order to promote the body to eliminate such harmful substances, detoxifying in regular bases is beneficial and recommended. Here is a selection of foods that generally known to be the best to detoxify our system so it can functions at utmost levels and stays healthy.


Traditionally used for Indian dish, this popular spiceís major ingredient is a phytochemical named curcumin. Curcumin has been proved to promote the liver detox and also reduce inflammation throughout the body.


Garlic has been used as a measure of detoxing the body since antiquity. it helps removing toxins from the kidneys and liver. Garlic’s major natural substance called alliin is broken down into allicin. It has known to have healing components that fight against free radicals.


Generally people associate this flower as something disturbing their gardens. However, dandelion leaves are actually edible and rich in iron and potassium. You can add it in a salad and eat or take it as a form of extract. itís well kwon for its benefit of promoting bile production and improving liver and general health.

Greens Vegetables

Chlorophyll is a component which gives green color to vegetation. It possibly is beneficial to prevent cancer causing chemicals from being induced in the body. All green vegetables such as arugula, parsley, spinach, and green beans are rich in chlorophyll.